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Smart Wireless Lighting

Dynamic lighting is crucial to visual storytelling. The pace of content creation is faster than ever and exceeds the resources available to motion picture productions; placing pressure on Gaffers and other lighting creatives to do more with less. Lighticians Inc. empowers lighting professionals with intelligent software and wireless control that enables efficient and exquisite lighting. We enhance the capabilities of any light and concentrate that power to the hand of the designer.



Convenient power for life on set. Use a industry standard Motorola walkie batteries to power your mobile phone, a ShineBox, bluetooth speaker or any other USB powered device.

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The Juicer App™

The Juicer app™ is easy to use, delivering on a gaffers expectations for quality and a producer’s need for speed. It is so fast and intuitive that the buttons and switches on a lighting fixture control panel will feel slow and clunky in comparison. Gaffers are free to masterfully interact with light itself, while the production saves time and money each day.



The ShineBox™ connects to existing theatrical hardware and eliminates the complexity of networking equipment and cabling. No networking knowledge is required as the juice tap does all of the work for you. It is specifically built to transport the speed and efficiency of studio shooting onto practical locations by eliminating wasteful redundancy and minimizing the setup process.


About Lighticians

As Lighticians, we believe lighting professionals should have the tools that empower their creativity. Our years of experience as filmmakers has led us to find ways to improve the craft and unburden the process of content creation. With a diverse background in lighting everything from small independent productions to large studio productions, such as Pitch Perfect and Nerve, we understand the unique challenges that filmmakers face. We are determined to build products that solve the problems our industry faces everyday and drive the evolution of motion picture lighting.

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