Smart Wireless Lighting

There is an accelerating paradigm shift sweeping through the lighting industry. Versatile LED lighting fixtures are replacing legacy tungsten, florescent and HMI technology. Dimming and color mixing technology is integrated in the lights themselves and the conventional approach to controlling lights with dimmer racks and large control consoles is no longer sufficient. Big budget and studio-based productions utilize large consoles connected to high density dimmer systems (lofts, racks, rooms, etc.) to mix color and control intensity. This approach has a high cost of entry, requires extensive technical training and installation is time-consuming.


Smaller productions and location shoots don’t have the infrastructure for this approach. They are forced to manually control individual lighting fixtures which is highly inefficient. There is an exciting opportunity here. Plug-and-play hardware that wirelessly connects lighting fixtures to a tablet for intuitive control is the only way to fully take advantage of what LED lighting has to offer. It’s essential that lighting creatives are empowered with the tools that will meet the demands of fast paced productions while advancing the art form.


By combining the quick plug-and-play connectivity of our LightLink™ networking device with the intuitive control of the Juicer™ mobile app. Any connected device is provisioned quickly and easily directly within the app, patching is as easy as creating events in a calendar, and control is as fast as scratching notes in a notepad. The Juicer App™ features direct control of lights with the shortest path from launch to lights on. This system is truly plug-and-play from the first small living room of practicals all the way to a giant night exterior.

Our wireless lighting control platform also connects with legacy lighting equipment and existing wireless control technology, including LumenRadio and other devices. LightLink™ networks can be controlled by most lighting consoles and other apps, such as Luminair, and the Juicer™ app can connect to any streaming ACN networking hardware.

This plug-and-play control system will save hours during each day of production.


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